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 Why Indie Grits?

“Never before have I experienced a film festival that is such an organic, natural appendage of its amazing community- it was the most fun I have had at a film festival yet, because there was so much wonderful positive energy and such an effort placed on ensuring that filmmakers were provided for, and always having a good time. It will easily be a film festival I will continue submitting to, for as long as I am making films!”

—Kelly Gallagher, Filmmaker, Animator, Activist

  • Though the scope of Indie Grits is very far-reaching, filmmakers remain our top priority. Benefits of acceptance into the Indie Grits community (other than being a part of the most exciting film festival in the Southeast) include:
  •  Access to private filmmaker lounge with food and drink
  • Complimentary transportation to and from the airport/help with lodging in any way we can (stipends to discounted hotel rooms to extra beds and couches from the good people of Columbia)
  • Access to the Indie Grits Travel Fund which helps supplement travel costs for accepted filmmakers
  • Free access to several music concerts
  • Free access to late night parties, and other special programs

“I love Indie Grits. The whole Nickelodeon team is passionate about film, filmmakers and showcasing new and diverse Southern voices. It shows in everything they do. They make sure you have a place to stay. They show you bold, risk-taking new Southern films that challenge and grow what it means to be Southern. They create weird and wonderful and warm environments for you to meet artists from all different disciplines and backgrounds. They connect you with distributors and screenings and opportunities beyond Columbia. They advocate for you. They feed you grits. The grits are really good.”

—Katrina Albright, Filmmaker, Director of 2015 Indie Grits film The Shrimper


All submissions must have a tie to the Southeast (SC, NC, VA, GA, FL, AL, MS, TN, LA, KY, AR, TX) or be from or about anywhere in Latin America. This requirement can be satisfied in a number of ways. If you are from or currently reside in the Southeast/Latin America and play a prominent role in the filmmaking process then you are set. Additionally if your film is set in or concerns an aspect of the Southeast/Latin America then you’re also set.

You MUST include a statement with your application that explains your and/or your film’s relationship to the Southeast or Latin America.

Deadlines for Entry:

  • Earlybird Deadline
  • Regular Deadline
  • Late Deadline
  • Extended Deadline

Method of Submission

Making things super simple, we ask that you use the online submission process provided by Withoutabox or FilmFreeway. They are free services for filmmakers allowing you to make a single, master profile for your film that you can apply to hundreds of festivals across the World. The process of using Withoutabox and FilmFreeway is easy and gives you access to extended deadlines. Just click on one of the buttons below and follow the instructions to register and apply:

Exhibition and Screening Formats:

Exhibition – DVD, digital file (.mov, .mp4), Blu-ray, Online Screeners (Vimeo and Withoutabox)


“Visiones, our 2017 theme, informing the art program and design, will not only amplify Latino and Latin American voices but it will also celebrate the great influence our cultures have in the Southeast–an influence as multi-faceted as it is significant. Afterall, South Carolina has the second fastest growing Latino population in the U.S! For the first time, Indie Grits is opening submissions to all of Latin America! (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Belize). I cannot overstate how thrilled I am to welcome independent filmmakers from all over Latin America to Columbia, SC.”

– Amada Torruella, Indie Grits Co-Curator

If you have any questions, please email us at
To find 2017 Film Awards, click here. Feel free to delve deep into our festival archive for past official selections and things of the sort.