Indie Grits Labs works to foster the 21st Century skills necessary to be an active citizen in our increasingly media heavy society and to plant the seeds for the film and media artists of the future by offering training, space and resources for the creation of new film and video work.

Launching in 2012 with a media literacy field trip program and an after school program at C.A. Johnson High School, our media education program has developed into a robust platform with many access points for our community. Led by an education team of both staff instructors and artists from the community, Indie Grits Labs offers media literacy labs, after school programs, adult workshops, and film camps for students.

Starting in 2015 we blended our Indie Grits artist community with our media education programs when“Waterlines” artist and filmmaker-in-residence, Joshua Yates, began teaching Come Around My Way. That same year Indie Grits alumnus and “Waterlines” artist, OK Keyes created TakeBreakMake, and we launched our seasonal Adult Workshop Program featuring local artists crafting curriculum and sharing their knowledge.

Our media education programs have become opportunities for local and regional artists to teach, learn, and receive financial support. Through Indie Grits Labs our entire Indie Grits family now supports the creativity, mentorship, and instruction of our media education programs and promises a bright future.

Media Literacy Labs

Adult Workshops

Come Around My Way


Mega MediaLab

Film And Media Camp